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For $5,000 — Ends 9 Jul 2018

I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need xamarin developers for my project. My max budget is $5000. Its final budget if you can not do it in $5000 then please don't bid. Projects details are given below.
Video player mobile app development
Project Description
1) Playback of HLS streaming protocol (both single videos and live streams supported)
2) Automatic bitrate switching depending on network conditions (multiple streams are defined in the master HLS playlist)
3) On-the-fly switching of audio tracks (multiple tracks defined in master playlist)
4) On-the-fly selection of subtitles in WebVTT format (multiple tracks defined in master playlist)
5) Able to play AES-encrypted video with an external key server
6) Every 30 seconds, send a status update to a web server, with the current playback position, user ID, and some other information. This data should be encrypted with a simple hashed token to verify authenticity.
7) The server will respond with some status like:
"ok" (continue playback),
a popup message to show on the screen (important announcements),
show an advertisement overlay (youtube-style)
an error (i.e. your account logged in too many devices, we will log you out now), which would stop and close the player.
8) Auto-forward to next video once reach the end of the current title.
9) Support for Chromecast and Airplay
10) Player can be ported to SmartTV platforms (Samsung and LG)
You will be provided with an API endpoint which will give you the following information:
1) URL of the stream to be played
2) User's preference for language (as an index, i.e. play audio track #2 and no subtitles)
3) Time at which to start the video (i.e. resume playback functionality)
4) User's current session ID
5) content structure in JSON format (seasons and episodes for TV series)
6) Cue points for showing buttons on-screen (skip intro, next episode...)
7) Video title + sub-title
We will also need the player UI to be developed, with:
1) Menus for changing audio and subtitles
2) Seek bar
3) Episode browser + "next episode" button (for TV series)
4) On-screen button at certain times (see "cue points" in API section)
5) on-screen banner ads - $5000.0

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