Create a Drupal 7 theme from PSDs

For $750 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

The attached files contain the design for a website which I'll implement in Drupal. I want you to create a Drupal theme that matches this design.
This design:
* Is built in Bootstrap
* Contains two page layouts, with variations for "desktop" and "mobile" viewport widths:
- Home page
- Sub-pages
* Uses the Lato font (provided)
The theme you deliver should have these qualities:
* Makes good use of class and id attributes to aid maintainability going forward.
* Uses reasonable breakpoints to look great in desktop, tablet, and phone viewports.
* Uses well-written Javascript to handle expanding menus (existing open-source libraries if possible).
* Matches the given design perfectly, unless there are specific technical reasons it won't work in certain devices.
* Uses progressive enhancement so as to be functional on older browsers and fully match the design on newer browsers and devises.
* Is built upon a popular existing Drupal theme or base theme, unless a sound argument can be made for building a custom theme from scratch.
Please ask useful questions and use the word "banana" somewhere in the beginning of your response. Seriously, I know some freelancers will not read this project description, so by doing this you'll put yourself ahead of most other bids, because you actually read the spec. Besides, who doesn't like bananas? - $750.0

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