I need a multi-vendor mobile Apps in both IOS & Android store

For $5,000 — Ends 3 Jul 2018

I need a professional IT company with high success rate to build me a website and apps.
The website should be build as a mutli-vendor ecommerec platform meaning that we should have a selling account, admin account and the regular customer account.
Also should be integrated to Prestashop or Magento CMS.
This is the flow of the apps:
Customer downloads the app
Auto location dedication
After that customer can view all available halls in the city
-can filter by price, name, location etc..
Then picks the hall and he can view
- Pictures
- Hall name
- Location (via google maps)
- Details like; how many rooms, bathrooms, number of servants that comes in the men hall and women hall
- Extra features such as; DJ, buffet, cakes etc..
- Capacity of Men & women venue
- Working hours
- contact number
- Prices (regular days, weekends, seasons)
After that he click on (book now)
He will chose the avalible dates then he will contiune to the checkout proccess and he can have 2 payment option:
1- Pay full price Via (Visa/Mastercard)
2- Pay X% of the price as a deposit via bank account
- Payment solution with a company called PayFort
- Be able to integrate any addons
- The app is integrated to prestashop CMS
- Can change the UX and UI anytime from the app dashboard or prestashop dashboard if it’s integrated to do that
- Be able to add new categories anytime (when adding a category from prestashop BackOffice it appears in both apps
The website will have 3 dashboard,
- Seller Dashboard (vendor dashboard)
- Customer dashboard, the normal one that every website have
- Admin Dashboard, site owner and his team, the normal - $5000.0

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