Weather and Event Statistical Analysis Tool with Map and Chart

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Product Overview
You will build a statistical analysis tool as a Single Page Application (SPA) running on the Google Compute Cloud. The application will allow users to select various input variables (web form components) which perform queries against two sets of data. Users will have the ability to query this data based on a range of inputs associated with the event dataset, or specific weather parameters from the weather dataset. Data from the query will then be used to center a Slippy Map (MapBox API) highlighting the location of the site, and features an interactive JS driven box-chart chart with statistics presented allowing the user to determine correlations between weather data and the time, location and duration of a specific event.
Backend Requirements
Analysis backend must query two datasets in JSON format, and render the SPA with updated information. The first dataset contains weather information for a specific time. The second dataset contains event statistics and location attributes. The two datasets must be correlated and presented to the user based on input selections from the front-end.
UI and UX Requirements
Application will render a MapBox Slippy map during query, and various icons associated with each weather and game element will be positioned next to the statistical output for ease of identification.
All data requests must utilize AJAX to perform queries, and be responsive / mobile ready. Transition effects are ideal. UI and style guidelines are provided and required as part of the implementation.
Project is confidential. Additional details including datasets and other specific guidelines are available once engaged.
Runs on Google Cloud Platform
Access to a deadicated Google Compute Engine instance will be provided for you to develop and test with. Developer will need to utilize SSH public/private keys to access the instance.
Communication and Video Chat
We would prefer to work with a freelancer who can attend one or two Video chat sessions, no longer than 5 minutes each. Ongoing text and video based chat updates are required to help assure we remain up to date with the latest project status. - $3000.0

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