iOS app for Crypto Signals with membership

For $750 — Ends 24 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I'm looking for someone to make the following app:
It's an app where I can post news and signals for trading on bittrex and also Binance (users get notifications when I post news or signals).
the APIs from these two sites need to be implemented
-Users can login or sign up (an account can not be accessed by two mobiles at the same time!)
--> there needs to be a log of each account (which mobile, which country)
--> so users don't share paid accounts between them!!
-Once logged in they can view the news that I post in the news tab
-Free signals in the Free tab, and Premium signals, in the Premium tab
-Free users cannot access Premium tab, they should get a message: to get access please contact admin through Telegram (I will accept their payments in cryptocurrency)
- I will manage the subscription of the users. I will change their subscription dates, their badge (freemium/premium), I can change their password (incase they forgot).
- News posts: title, author, post date & time, text style (bold, italic, underlined, headings), quotes, links and need to be able to post pictures, embedded videos from youtube.
- Signal posts: market (for example LTC/BTC), link to the market, Chart of the specific cryptocurrency mentioned under the signal (chart from Bittrex/Binance Exchange) - when I post new signal = user gets notification on his phone. When the signal status changes to Reached or Failed/Pending (= user gets notification).
-Custom sound for signal notifications and news notifications
- Users have a profil: his username, change password, change email, Badge = freemium/premium, and Support links, if they need to contact me (facebook, telegram, instagram, email)
- User subscription history
My only question is: is it better to have the admin panel web-based or in-app? (what is the best option, and why?)
If you have better suggestions for the app functions and the app design, please let me know. - €750.0

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