Fortnite Match Betting

For $750 — Ends 24 May 2018 (in about 2 months)

I want a website where users can place bets on matches specifically for the game Fortnite.
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How it works:
A user will sign up on the website. Then the user will select the console they are playing on, between Xbox, PC, Mobile and PS4. User 1 creates a match for a Best Of 3 1v1 on PC for $5 cash. User 2 sees the match while he's browsing active cash matches and is able to accept the bet if he wishes. Once he accepts the bet, money is withdrawn from both users accounts and held in the system. User 1 and User 2 play the match. User 1 wins. Both users report their scores in the report page. If the reports are both the same, the match is finished and User 1 gets $10. User 2 loses his $5. If User 1 reports that he won and User 2 reports that he also won, a dispute is created and both Users must upload proof of their win via the support tickets. An admin will decide on the winner based on the proof both teams provide. - $750.0

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