UI and UX with Adobe XD Experience

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This is a project with a relatively small budget. I just wanted to get that out there beforehand to ensure any of you heavy hitters aren't disappointed. That being said, it is a relatively complex project with a cool end goal and potential for future work (with a better budget) since there's just so much to do. Essentially, our business encompasses many facets of video gaming. We started off about a year ago renting game servers (I will spare the fine print here, but feel free to ask if you'd like more about how we're differentiating ourselves). There's some UI/UX that still needs to be done there. I'd like to create a unique panel design (integrating new, modern material design aspects, etc.) that's also mobile friendly and can be used for some other ideas we also have. Those ideas include: A website where users are able to create servers for free (lots of graphs and statistical data) A gaming league (lots of tables and analytics) Our Discord bot (simple admin panel) The reason the budget is small is because I have been working on a lot of the design myself and simply need some assistance and help with best practices. I'd also like a second pair of eyes review my work and, most importantly, help with creating the design. I have a lot of websites and apps that I used as inspiration for our design framework and would be happy to share those with you as well. I'm getting married next week and will be gone for the next month, so it would also be awesome to have someone to work with my developer in my absence. Essentially, we would like someone passionate about gaming who has talent with UI/UX design and who also might be willing to work on this project because they believe in our mission. Nonetheless, I'm happy to discuss with anyone who might be interested or who has any questions. I much prefer to communicate via Discord, so if you have a portfolio or have any questions, you can find us here: https://discord.gg/NFxBN4h submitted by /u/xyeLz [link] [comments]

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