We are looking to create a SAS application that is mobile optimized and friendly

Ends 2 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

General information for the business: This application will be a management program to help farmers grow crops more efficiently
Description of requirements/functionality: We are looking to create a SAS application that is mobile optimized/friendly.
This program will need to run in a browser but must be fully functional on a desktop and mobile device.
We have created a wireframe in HotGloo.
I have detailed notes as to how the wireframe relates and works.
I have the logo
The colors will be blue/green/white/black.
Blue #2a6ebb
Green #50b948
I have a sample UX layout that we want to follow. The left side will have the menu with expanding sections, similar to the layout example. Attached.
We have our needs for Phase 1 and Phase 2. We want to work with the same programmers for all phases.
I need to know the costs of developing each phase. The cost of hosting the application and where you suggest we host it. Any other costs that might incur
Extra notes: Please let me know any other info that is needed.

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