Full-stack Web & native apps developers needed near Dhaka BD

For $750 — Ends 19 Aug 2018 (in 4 days)

We are looking for right web developers (and mobile app developers later) to work on two projects. We’ll deal with the developers directly, and allocate our own database / SQL developer to work with web developers. Most of the work can be done remotely. But initially we need to meet in Atlanta or Shanghai to sign NDA.
Project A: A small size Windows desktop program written in VB 6.0 and SQL Server needs to be migrated or converted to VB.Net / ASP.Net / C# program so that it is available to a much larger audience through a website. (Target users: 10~50 Million). After conversion, there will be still a lot of enhancement work to do. (Note: Using .net to do a conversion aims at reusing existing code. If it takes more time than re-writing from scratch, we will be open to any technologies – not necessarily dot net.)
Project B: Technically this is like Match.com or Facebook. More details can be seen in “Web Developer Wanted”. (Target users: more than a billion). We will jointly decide what technology tools / languages and approach to take.
Don’t be scared by quantity of target users. That’s our long term goal. We only expect your code to be performance efficient and can handle 10K ~ 100K users – a much smaller scale – after the initial launch.
Once any project is deployed online accessible from web, we will need mobile app development to make it available to a wide audience of mobile users (iOS or Android).
Mandatory Requirements:
 You should be a competent full-stack web developer with minimum 3 years of experiences, and can take care of both frontend and backend. You should be proficient with HTML5, CSS, Javascript in addition to backend technology (.Net, PHP, Nodes.js). SQL or database design is not required.
 Regardless which project you work on, you will collaborate with our own database developer whose role is to design databases, and write SQL / Stored Procedures.
 You have to be in Atlanta or Shanghai, so that you and the database developer can meet when there is a need. (Only 10~20% needs.)
Unacceptable Cases:
 You represent a business, and we have to spend many hours to coordinate with non-developers.
 You need us to get another resource to supplement your skills. (It is ok not having SQL or Database skill.)
 You outsource (transfer) some portion of the work to others.
 You have a high ratio of failing on deadlines or in keeping your words.
Technical functions to be implemented in Project A
(Business content not provided due to Business Confidentiality. NDA must be signed to proceed)
Phase I – PC based web functions:
1. User must register with his/her email address, which needs to be validated
2. User Login and Logout. All login and out activities must be recorded.
3. Once login, user can have any action of CRUD on database, affecting his own records of information.
4. Our website will send daily emails to user based on his/her request. So potentially there can be millions of out-going emails sent from our website each day. (Make sure you are able to achieve this function, and know the best approach.)
5. Find a suitable web hosting service, deploy and launch it.
6. Once stable, launch a Chinese version.
Phase II – Make it available on mobile device
a) Covering both iOS and Andriod
b) Integrate with wechat. - $750.0

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