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Hi Guys,
I require a Transport Logistics web portal. There are 2 web pages, linked to a database (mysql should be fine) - 1 webpage is the customer, 1 webpage is the controller. The customer webpage - must have the following dropdowns :
- Name
-Company Name * You must be able to select from a list of prepopulated(existing clients) on the database, if not there, create new Company Name, Vat reg number(not mandatory), Address, Telephone and Mobile Number, and email - this must be a pop up and must not affect the current page.
- Date of collection (Datepicker)
- Pick up location (must start typing and use a Google Maps Api to pull through address, must be able to 'select on map') - this field cannot be manually populated.
- Date of drop off - Date picker
- Drop off location (must start typing and use a Google Maps Api to pull through address, must be able to 'select on map') - this field cannot be manually populated.
- Dimensions : Length, Width, Height, Volumetric, CBM, Actual Weight
Button - Send Request
Once that button is pressed, must capture details and have a flag isAuthorized set to 0.
Controller logs in on his webpage - views list of requests and will approve or reject request, each time approval or rejection, customer must get an SMS or email. isAuthorized flag to change to 1 or remain as 0 depending on approval or rejection.
A list of rates per Kilometer will be input as a table on the mysql database. Once a distance is calculated using the input by customer on the customer webpage (using google maps pickup to drop off location), it must multiply the rate by the distance.
Eg if a user entered location A to Location B and the distance was 10km, and the rate was $1,50, the total cost of freight will be 10km * $1,50 = $15.
The Controller must see this and be able to amend this value, as it will be included in the approval email to customer and add the licence plate of the truck assigned to this load.
The Controller must also be able to specify how this person should pay. There must be an isPaid flag as well.
- COD - Cash on Delivery (isPaid = 0)
- EFT - Electronic payment (Banking Details must be sent with authorization to make payment) - isPaid =0 until controller receives email and logs in to change this flag. If the Type of payment is EFT and the IsPaid flag changes to 1, the isAuthorized Flag must change to 1 and approval sent.
- Account. IsPaid = 0 however, isAuthorized can change to 1. Controller can change the isPaid flag after the customer settles their account.
On capturing the client, this info needs to be added by controller.
Email to Customer :
"Good Day
Thank you for requesting a freight from to . The distance is X km, hence the total cost of freight is $.
/*IF COD*/ Please have cash ready for collection.
/*IF EFT*/ Please make payment with reference as into the following bank account
/*If Account*/ The amount will be added to yoour account..
The Controller must then update the status once the truck has left. Every change in status initiates an email and sms to customer on status of delivery
Need API call to Ctrack to send co-ordinates using the trucks licence plate. The address or location of the truck must be SMS'd to the client in hourly intervals.
Please let me know if you need anything else.
Look and feel must be clean bootstrap html5 like attached, using the attached colours - $750.0

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