MBTI Personality Test

For $1,500 — Ends 16 Jun 2018 (in about 1 month)

I need a personality test using the MBTI system in a dudamobile integration plugin format with the following characteristics:
Admin should:
- Change the text for every question and answer (I need flexibility to translate it to any language).
- Capacity to customize the intro and final result text (same reason as above).
- Insert a custom text (html allowed) for each of the 16 possible results. This text should appear after the result.
- See a LOG with every result and "self-test" (for comparison).
- Capacity to change the weight of every question in the final result.
Users should:
Receive an email of their results and descriptions of their results
The administrator has a portal of sorts where you can download each test result, one by one (No bulk downloading)
I need at least 90 questions. Keep in mind that more questions are better, but the maximum should be 200. - $1500.0

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