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As a 32 year old living in a part of the world where "helping each other out" usually is more desired than pouring out thousands of hard earned coin, and where people have different skill-sets, it would be wonderful, if a "favor exchange" was created. Ideally if you need something done and can offer help with another service, the exchange would then be equal, or at least, you decide if it is equal. You spend your time instead of your money (but time equals money anyway, right?), which can help you load up your bank account, while maybe even making friends in the process! - Total win-win!
I'm looking for a Mobile App Developer to create the app, help out with the design, catch my idea and help with the launch on Appstore etc.
Of course the app would need some sort of rating system, so we make sure, that users are keeping their end of the deal, whenever "an exchange" has been made.
After years of having extended my network and own services to friends and family (and unfortunately had been left with a feeling, that my favors are not returned), I think, that this could be awesome to test out! - In a world where we share our cars, our homes and what not, why not share each others skill-sets?
If you catch my drift and can see yourself being a part of this project, please reach out to me ASAP, so we can start the development. As I see it, it must be a pretty basic development, so I rate this project as a very small project, but money is not an issue, if the vision is shared. I'm willing to pay, what it costs, if we are aligned all the way and the end project turns out as intended.
The name of the app would be "FavEx" or "Favex", whatever seems right and available. I'm open for the developers input, also in terms of designing the app thumbnail and potential graphics in the app.
Let me know! - I'm looking forward to work with one or more of you guys! - €750.0

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