Existing PHP PDO website and back-end to be improved and added functionality

For $500 — Ends 16 Aug 2018 (in about 20 hours)

I need someone to help with one of my projects (Zisk Properties) - we already developed an Admin Panel / back-end and a mobile responsive front-end website where customer accounts can be created and a custom shopping cart. We need someone is able to use our existing work so that our work & investment (monetary as well as time) so far is NOT wasted. Note - the £500 budget is slightly random figure - I will select the most competitive quotes but who ensure quality as well and meet our needs and timescales as we need this to be completed asap.
- Admin Panel / back-end (including database): this is based on PHP PDO language and is a custom build from scratch. I can sign an NDA with shortlisted candidates following which I will share screenshots.
- Font-end / Website: www.ziskproperties.com is the URL - but pls note, the URL/website is blocked for UK access so anybody wanting to access it from the UK will need to use a VPN with any location outside the UK. Based on a Realty Space theme but then we started creating pretty much every page as custom designs.
The basics generally seem to work so a user can create an account online (or can be done manually from Admin Panel) and then they can verify it and after this buy Units online.
CURRENT ISSUES (not exhaustive list):
- Not perfect mobile optimisation
- Typos / quality of English in random places like pop-up messages where we haven't provided the content
- Sometimes sign up emails aren't received
- The pop-ups shown when logging in and the steps in creating an account or buying/selling Units all have glitches OR aren't streamlined/looking professional / good.
- Essentially quality testing missing
- Various links on website/navigation don't work
- On website, some features like filters, Currency Conversions, etc don't work
- User account dashboard on the website is very poor / difficult to understand.
- Details on Property Pages that we want from database need to be updated
- Individual Property Page layout/template needs to be improved and the info it shows
- Poor quality graphs used and non-dynamic
- Contact forms sending emails to wrong email address.
- Back End: Not proper reports or totals shown in
1) We need to fix front-end and back-end from a functionality perspective and remove all errors/typos/etc.
2) Improve on design of front-end website (so re-design a few of the pages - but all high quality and responsive)
3) Develop a UK version of the project (on same URL) - in this case, I am not expecting too much work as the completed work from Point 1 above can be replicated (to provide different database) AND then updated for the few changes required e.g. price of minimum investment AND some additional regulations/self-certifications (to allow for difference in regulatory environment between Pakistan and UK).
4) Separately / in the future - we then need to add lots of additional functionality and features, alongside consideration of blockchain implementation, ICO, etc. But this will be done after the above 3 points are completed AND we have proven the business model or secured external investors.
1) For the Admin Panel and Front-end (where we currently are), how much would you have quoted to us (to compare as we can't afford the expensive development companies - need to find right balance between cost and quality)?
2) For the above first 3 tasks ONLY, can you provide a fixed quote broken by each task (I will be happy to hire more than 1 person/company if it helps e.g. if you are only an expert PHP PDO Developer or just a quality html designer, then I can give work to different experts) . The current developer is still fixing some of the issues but now want someone who understands UK quality and does not need to be told of every little thing.
NOTE: Anyone who applies must have high quality English!
PS: Need to move on this asap so if there's any further info needed, I can provide immediately.

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