IONIC app and an Angular web app

For $3,000 — Ends 16 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We need a talented IONIC and web developer to develop a new mobile app for loan simulation and an Angular web admin page; we have the layouts mockup for both, and you must use them as the reference. The full details about the project will be given to the selected developer.
Project requirements:
- You must build the app with IONIC 3 using TypeScript; you must have experience using both;
- You must build the admin page with Angular using Angular Material and TypeScript; you must have experience using these;
- We use Google Firebase (CDN, storage, notifications, etc.), so you must be comfortable with it;
- You should already have developed applications using IONIC 2 or 3;
- You should be familiar with technologies like RxJS and Observables;
- You need a good understanding of cross-platform development;
- You need to have good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Sass;
- You must be comfortable using GIT.
- Review and perform a technical analysis of requirements;
- Write reusable, documented, clear, modular code following the Angular style guide;
- Test and build applications to suit a continuous delivery process;
- Submit your work daily (we use GITLAB);
- You must be available to fix any problem if we find one during our validation process.
For the app, we need eleven pages:
- Create a splash screen;
- Create a welcome screen;
- Create a login page. The authentication method will use phone numbers; the user will receive a verification code to add on a confirmation page. The app should work in portrait and landscape modes – you must adjust the layout as needed;
- Create a form page to calculate the user loan limit; after the user fills in this page, the user will be sent to the homepage. The user must have the option to come back later and change this information;
- Create a page to show the user loan limit;
- Create a page for loan simulation;
- Create a page entitled My Loans; on this page, the user will have the history and status of all the solicitations;
- Create a Terms and Conditions page;
- Create a page for managing received push notifications;
- Create a homepage; this page will have buttons to access the other pages;
- Create a Help page; on this page, the user will have an FAQ and a Contact Us option.
For the admin web app, we need six pages:
- Login page - the user should use email and password to log in; it must have a reset password option (by email) as well;
- Homepage, this page will have buttons to access the other pages;
- Loan products, the admin must be able to create, edit, and remove a product;
- Send push notification; the admin must be able to send a push notification to all users, segmented (iOS or Android), or a single user;
- Manage loan solicitations; the admin must be able to change the solicitation status for a specific user;
- Manage admin users, such as create and remove users and send a password reset email as well as change current user password;
- All pages must have search options;
- We are trying to apply a serverless concept, so you need to use Google Cloud Firestone as a NoSQL database;
- You must use AngularFire2 library;
- All the images used in our app should be saved on Google Firebase CDN;
- You must use Firebase Hosting for the web app.
- Our app interconnects with Google Firebase.
- Skype call in English or Portuguese (choose the more convenient for you) in our timezone (BRST) to explain the project and show the mockup layout, to be sure that we're on the same page; - After agreeing on all the points, you can start the development;
- We will make revisions to the code, so you need to make daily commits;
- Check on the design and functionalities;
- Final review and closing of the project.
- Two weeks after the start of the project;
- Budget: Between $1,500 and 3,000 dollars for the entire project, including all revisions and changes;
We look forward to receiving your project proposals.
- $3000.0

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