Geo-location Repair Service App

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Uber Repair
Customer App:
-Customer signs up with their name, address, post code, mobile number. It sends a verification text message number.
-Geolocation to find where customer is.
-Select the service for their device.
-Connects to repair engineers who can do this type of repair via push notification to engineer app.
-It connects to every within the mile radius. For example customer is in location A and it's 15 miles from engineer A. Engineer A has their radius set to 20 miles from their location,
-Once engineer accepts job it shows map on customers phone of where their engineer is and how long it will take them to get to them. it will also show a profile of their engineer and picture just like uber does.
-When engineer is closed it will send push notification to customer app "Your engineer is arriving"
-When the engineer is on site it will show on the app what time the engineer arived and what repair they are carrying out.
-When then engineer marks the job as complete it will change the customer to a happy with job & pay now button. This will then take them through to Apple Pay to pay.
- It will then show a feedback form.
Engineer App:
-should have the following screens: previous jobs, contact details including image, update repair services
-when a job comes in within radius it should send a push notification to the engineer to accept or reject.
-when they accept the job it should show them a map to the customers house with the customers name and phone number.
This app needs to be developed on both Apple and Android devices.
There needs to be a web interface to manage repais and admin online for staff.

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