Android Mobile application developer

For $4,000 — Ends 15 Jul 2018 (in 7 days)

The ideal candidate must be:
- capable of translating our requirements, designs and wireframes to a high-quality code.
- fluent in English to facilitate communication.
- communicate with us to discuss the project. We are available from 10:00AM to 4:00PM EDT.
- responsible, dependable and able to meed deadlines.
Our project team will provide information about the application GUI guideline, including logos, images, colour and sizes.
Application Overview
It is a mobile application intended to allow an user to self-administer a previously selected questionnaire.
The application contains 4 different types of questionnaires. The Admin User sets the default questionnaire to be administered to the patient.
The questionnaire is divided into sections containing a determined number of questions. The application presents a question and offers list of possible answer. Each answer scores different numeric value. After the questionnaire is completed, the final score is automatically computed.
The applications generates a report and sends the data to a shared folder in the network.
The application can be sideloaded and installed using the package file on the device.
Application Update
Every time the application launches, the systems checks for updates at our website. The app notifies the user when an update is released. The update can be installed directly from the app.
System Configuration
The app operates on Androids or Windows devices as a single app in the foreground. The application is launched automatically when the device boots up and it runs full screen at all the time.
The user cannot exit the application unless the logout button is used. Restricting users from expanding the Status Bar to access the status bar controls. The user can see the status bar to check the battery life, but the notifications should be disable.
All the buttons except the power button, must remain hidden and/or disabled.
However, the app allows the user to configure Wi-Fi settings as well as switch between different SSIDs.
The application supports devises with a medium resolution (641px to 1007px) to large resolution (1008px and larger resolution) locked on landscape mode. The standard resolution is 1280x800.
User Access Level
Anyone can use the application, however certain pages requires password access:
User: This user does not need a password to use the application and it is the end user. However, it cannot access the Settings or the Service Mode.
Admin User: The admin password allows the user to change the application’s basic configurations.
Service User: The Service password allows the user to change the application’s advanced configurations.
Passwords can be changed at the appropriate Setting pages.
In case there is not internet connection or the system cannot connect to the shared folder, a message will be displayed and the data will be saved locally.
Remote Support
TeamViewer Host is installed in the devise. This tool will allow the support representative to remotely control the unattended devise. The Application should not exit to the Home Screen unless the Service User presses the logout button.
Language File
The application installation folder contains a language file for language customization.
The device will be connected through wireless LAN to the admin user’s network to export data to a shared folder set in the receiver PC.
The Application will warn the user when the WLAN connection is down or the device lost connection to the receiver PC. During this period of time, the data will be stored internally while the connection is re-established.
Outline of Wireless LAN communication
The device creates a JPEG (Image) and/or a XML (measurement results and information) file of the questionnaire report data to be exported to a to a shared folder set in the receiver PC.
Content Manager
The application has a module to change the content of some of its pages. - $4000.0

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