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I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Hi ,
I am abhijit ,Greetings for your day!
I am looking for below requirements
UDtalks Functions req_complete
chatting part requirement.
Also please see below for few IMP pointers:
1. My client has already purchased chatsdk code for iOS and Android so we need to use this sdk only so once we finalize all the prerequisites, I will send you the code for chatsdk.
2. If there are any issues from chatsdk then chatsdk team will resolve them.
3. The basic mechanism/ features like text chatting, location sharing, image sharing, etc. will be covered by chatsdk so this will save your more than 70% efforts.
4. Along with this there are few modifications which we need to do in our App using chatsdk as mentioned below:
4.1 Chatsdk uses firebase for file storage so we'll need to change this (as my client is from China and as you know, in China all Google products are banned so need to remove firebase) and need to use our server and whatever APIs would be needed please let me know, I will provide it to you.
4.2 We need to customize the chatsdk UI in order to match the UI of UDtalks.
4.3 In this doc you might see that we need user to allow sending deals but my existing team has already finished deals part so I'll provide you that code so that you cna simply copy paste it in chatting.
4.4. Currently, chatsdk allows user to send only one image at a time but we need to make few modifications and need to allow user to send multiple images while chatting.
5. One more IMP thing, we had tried previously chatting through XMPP and I'll be honest with you, we found it bit tough as a reason we switched to ready chatsdk. However, I do that old app code so if you want, I can share old app code with you for reference as well you can reuse that code for things like UI and all (This will also save your lot of efforts).
6. Please be very careful on the UI and timelines as my client is very particular about these 2 things.
7. Lastly, you need to handover the code for that respective milestone once you receive payment for that module (as my client will be needing all of the code).
With these pointers I think I have made my requirement very clear but still if you have any queries please let me know.
Waiting to hear back from you soon with confirmation :)
Abhijit - ₹75000.0

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