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This is a calendar widget app.
1) The calendar widget will display the following:
- Background image for every day in the year
- A particular saying for every day (this will be unique for each day)
- Some of the saying will be mixture of arabic and english text
- Every day the image will change, which will change the daily saying on the widget
2) Option to display the previous month and the next months calendar in the corners
3) Date format option (DD/MM/YY. MM/DD/YY, DD,MON, YEAR..etc)
4) Design of widget should be creative (input from designer, developer on apart of looking at the current calendar what additional swipe/actions should be available to the user from the widget)
Ideas on the pages:
- When the user selects the app icon, they will be taken to the settings page to configure the widget, with instructions on how to place it on the screen
- The widget will be scalable based on the size...
Developer capability:
- Unique creative but SIMPLE design to keep cost low
- Understanding of arabic content (hadith, quran sayings etc)
- option to host server side to allow management of the content for images and text?
- independant and capable of delivery, without being micromanaged
- Share options for the solutions before actually develop (i.e. firebase? static app? design capability?)

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