Drupal & Google DFP setup for responsive inventory and bespoke ad positioning with JavaScript and PHP

For $750 — Ends 1 Jun 2018 (in about 2 months)

This project will address the following issues:
lack of mobile adverts with Google DFP
lack of responsive adjustment of adverts with Google DFP
lack of Ad Ops management interface/documentation for how to use it to setup adverts for future ad units which may be created/ adjustments required for existing ad units with Google DFP
It will accomplish the following:
Accomodate all current desktop ad inventory (detailed below, visible at www.electrooptics.com – with the exception of the dropdown banner) in the same style and layout as is currently active
On mobile breakpoint size, and therefore mobile devices, the adverts will be condensed into a limited suite of positions.
1. Leaderboard/Top banner/Skyscraper will all appear in the top-most 300x100 position
2. Up to 10 box ads will appear in only 4 slots positioned between/within content (detailed fully later in this document)
If the user were to resize on, for example, a desktop browser at a mobile width to a laptop width then the mobile ads will stop being served and the desktop sized ads will be served as detailed above.
This project will focus on one website: www.electrooptics.com but we will then roll out the implementation onto our other websites* so it must be a transferable solution (*www.imveurope.com, www.fibre-systems.com, www.lasersystemseurope.com, www.researchinformation.info, www.scientific-computing.com)
This project will be fully owned by Europa Science Ltd. upon completion. If not all three milestones are completed, Europa Science Ltd. will fully own all work accomplished at that point. If licenses exist for any of the codebase or required systems used in the project’s solution they are to be reported to us as soon as they are picked for use where we will be able to choose.
The project will be split into three equal milestone payments according to the following structure:
1. Inventory setup and initial demonstration on dummy page
2. Succesful positioning of mobile ads within/between content and integration with a Drupal module
3. Drupal module/ management system for AdOps - £750.0

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