Move functionality from product details page to cart and order total

For $750 — Ends 9 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

We are launching a website built on Opencart which is based on a quotation cart, reservation extension and custom price calculation (per week and discount based on the duration of renting).
Right now the selecting of dates needs to be selected on a per product basis, on the page. Then everything gets added to a cart total. We want to change this by having people add the product to page with the week price and then select the date range in the cart and have the calculation be applied to all products with the same date range.
This means it is basically moving the functionality from the detail page, applied to every product individually with possible different date ranges per product to one selection being applied to all products in the cart.
It is on the following website:
What we use:
Opencart version:
Quotation Cart:
Booking & Reservation: - €750.0

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