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For $1,500 — Ends 8 Jun 2018 (in about 1 month)

UK bidders only; if you are offering telemarketing, you must have access to an up-to-date TPS database (although please note this is by no means solely telemarketing), and I'm looking for other solutions as well.
Your bid should be valued at the amount you would like to earn in the first three months please effectively as my "marketing agent".
I run a photographic studio in West Sussex which majors on commercial work - small product photography (table top to motor cycles), fashion, glamour, fine art and erotic nude, model and dance portfolios and boudoir in particular, but I do other styles too. Outside the studio I again shoot fashion, nude, portfolio material and dance on location, plus proms and similar events, but also architecture and interior design typically for the holiday property and interior design markets, virtual tours to Google standards, live performance and a certain amount of specific sports and travel photography. I do not shoot press work, schools (apart from proms), and I avoid weddings except traditional full bridal white and morning suits simply because the style suits my approach.
I'm the highest rated European photographer on this website. My principal make-up artiste / stylist is ex-Vogue magazine. She trained the others I use.
In particular the studio is home to an advanced digital live-view virtual backdrop stills and video system. I am looking for someone to drive in B2B business, (mainly weekday daytimes but can be shot any time), and B2C business, (which, by its nature, will tend to be mid-afternoon to evening plus Saturdays). I have five assistant photographers.
My problem is that I feel I am devoting more and more time to marketing and selling my services, and less and less time to actually doing the job. Consequently my income per hour spent working is slipping a little. That's where you come in. By employing you, I worker smarter not harder.
I need you to talk to me, fact-find me, discuss with me, come up with ideas, and be imaginative, almost Dragon's Den style. I have a substantial background in the advertising market before I opened the studio. So please don't just pitch me a price-laden up-front-fee deal. I need to see your USPs and value-added skills. Once you have bid, I will contact good potential candidates and we can discuss options. You'll then be able to adjust your proposal.
Unfortunately this site only gives me two choices on fees - fixed price or hourly rate. I have set it as fixed fee, effectively your desired commission on the work you bring to me will earn far more than an hourly rate through pay-on-results. Please convince me you are worth it and it will be a long-term job. And do please bear in mind that bringing in a prom ball and handling the reorders will be much more valuable than fifty product pack-shots.
Knowledge of the photographic industry to some greater or lesser degree is pretty well essential. I attach samples of typical work I have shot for clients on this and other sites over thirty years.
Finally, call me pedantic if you wish, but I am a stickler for correct UK English. I do not expect to see any Americanisms or US English spellings in your proposal text, nor would I expect to do so in any work you do for me if your bid is successful.
Thank you. - £1500.0

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