Traffic Tuneling Indonesia

Ends 8 Jul 2018

Sustainable mega trends generate a constantly high demand for new traffic systems. The successful economic development of so-called megacities requires appropriate infrastructures.
Three type of applications are possible for traffic tunneling projects:
-Road tunnels in large cities and along vital traffic routes.
-New trans regional and transnational railway networks for passenger and freight traffic whether through mountains or beneath rivers or densely built-up urban areas.
-Tunneling systems for the construction of efficient metro networks.
We are planning to spearhead the entrance of high tech technologies for the construction of traffic tunneling projects in Indonesia and we require an in depth market analysis of upcoming traffic tunneling projects in the market,local regulatory frameworks limiting or supporting their implementations,current market conditions. It is important to identify major stakeholders,contractors,consultants,architects competitors. Last but not least general opportunities and threats related to this segment.
A high quality market analysis that showcases a professional approach, in depth research and provides a vast overview of traffic tunneling opportunities in the market is a must. - Rp10000000.0

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