Logo and style guide needed for ecommerce marketplace

For $3,000 — Ends 7 Mar 2018 (in 5 months)

We are looking for a highly experienced graphic designer to help with the branding of an ecommerce marketplace we are launching.
Design needs to be simplistic, but showcase us as an intriguing and trustworthy brand.
Our marketplace has been well though out and carefully curated to bring some amazing brands together in one space, and this needs to be seen through our branding.
Logo and Style Guide - this has the fonts, colours, imagery, brand message, and so on and a homepage will all need to be created from scratch.
Please also make sure that any fonts or artwork you intend to use do not need a license to be commercially used
We have a very strong idea of what we want, who are target market are and how everything should look and feel, so please ask us questions if you want to be considered for this job.
Our team here has an advertising background so we really need someone that knows the importance branding and colour schemes play for a business.
We are only looking to hire the best person out there, so please make sure you have lots of experience and a portfolio that makes us go WOW!
This is a fun and exciting project and we look forward to finding some amazing talent to work now and for and in the future.
The price we have set is just a very rough guide so we are happy to negotiate.
Looking forward to some proposals.
Thanks, Zach
- $3000.0

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