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Hello everyone!
I'm looking for a freelancer to develop an affiliate marketing system.
for a reference you can go to
*The system should be excactly like with some improvments.*
*It should be fully responsive (smartphones,tablets and desktop)*
*It should be fully web-based*
*It should be written in PHP 5.6 (You may use cake or laravel),HTML5,CSS3,JS.*
*The code must be 100% clean and tidy (fully w3c valid)*
*The system should be 100% customized and the super-admin can easily control the system*

1)Full in-web messaging system
a)Users can get the messages in a live chat and when they are offline they get the message in their mail-box.
b)Users can send messages between one another.
c)The super-admin can send a message to groups of users.
d)The super-admin can read all the messages in the chat (between users)

2)Two types of accounts in the website: affiliate and publisher. (like
*Super-admin confirmation required for each new publisher account.
*One account can have the permissions to be an affiliate and a publisher at the same time. (publisher accounts/permissions need confirmation from the super-admin)
a)Publisher: Can offer affiliate programs for everyone to see.
b)Affiliate: Can browse all the offers and request to promote specific ones.

3)A publisher has to review the affiliate's request and accept it for the affiliate to work with him. (like
4)After the publisher accepted the affiliate the affiliate will recieve an personlized link (like
5)The affiliate can generate different links to the same sell-page. (like
6)The affiliate can see how many leads he got from each link and the total he got from all the links to that specific sell-page. (like
for example: main:
7)The publisher can see how many leads he got from each affiliate. (like
8)A publisher can choose when he publishes the project in which way he pays the affliates; (like
1)paying for each lead that leaves his details in the sell-page.
2)paying for each lead that purchases the service or product.
9)A publisher can choose when he pubishes the project when he pays the affiliates.
for example: 90 days after the lead bought the product
30 days,60 days, etc.. - $1500.0

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