I need a website + team for building $1B Company

For $1 — Ends 28 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Namaste ladies and gentlemen, my name is Avinash, I am 25 year old and I am an engineer. I live in New Delhi, Indian.
I don’t need a freelancer web developer, I NEED A TEAM.
It may be a team or company both is ok.
I am using freelance website to broadcast my message that there is a person with an idea of BILLION DOLLAR ($) company and need team to execute the idea/plan. Billion dollar mins a team of highly skilled people, having great expertise and experience.
We need a website and APP like online shopping websites or websites like olx (I can’t show you clear picture of what we will do) but we are not going to buy or sell anything. We will act in middle. My idea is a tool through we can make huge presence in the market like amazon, eBay and Alibaba with ought following their path.
We are going to help people. We are going to do noble work. We will save most precious thing TIME OF THE WORLD and people can use this saved time for other profitable work.
We don’t need huge investment because we are not buying or selling, we will just provide internet based service. And people (both seller and customer) are longing (hidden need that we will explore) for a kind of service that we are going to provide. Unfortunately none of online sellers has looked at solving this problem they are busy in capturing customers and shopkeepers are left alone in this connected world. We have opportunity to HELP and earn a lot. This is a huge industry and if we serve well we can earn billions of dollar, I am not saying millions I am saying billions. I can see it. I can see its need in Indian and other Asian countries like china, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar many more. I don’t have idea about European and American countries but I think this problem is also faced in those countries. If I tail you about my idea and plan even you can see it as a billion dollar company. It is easy to visualise, it is a common problem that is faced by everybody and all we need is to help in solving this problem. So we need teams that can help in serving people in Indian and can also spread globally.
For this we need a team of professionals with dedication, discipline and good moral character. With my calculation if we do hard work, very hard work, smart work and wise work then we can reach to $1billion Company in 3 to 5 year.
The tem should include- 1. Website developer
2. App developer (android and ios)
3. Database design and management
4. Legal team for handling legal issues
5. Professional with experience in marketing
I don’t have money to pay.
I will go with you if I trust you. I should understand that we together can execute it.
If interested contact me at -
About me
My name is Avinash
Age – 25 – I am young but not blind.
Edu – Electronica and communication Engineer
I am a simple living high thinking type person, I am vegetarian, never done intoxication, gambling and illicit sex. I believe in doing goodness.

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