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Customer(s) A Customer is any individual who has affirmed an order(s) with 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd for the buy of 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd product(s). Any composed concurrence with 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd is viewed as a genuine and restricting authoritative archive. A Customer additionally consents to hold fast to and submit to 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd Terms and Conditions.
Coordinate Reward Commission (DRC) An motivator for each Customer alluded to The Company.
SLC International 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd alludes to 7G Motors,Traders,Importers,Exporters and organizers, and incorporates of all its administration revolves around the Country.
Record A Account is a necessity for a Customer to get commissions and additionally rewards from 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd's Reward Program (RP), and should be set as per the Rules and Regulations of the Reward Program of 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd.
Commission Center (CC) A CommissionCenter is a necessity for a 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd to ascertain commissions as well as rewards inside the Marketing design.
Bank Statement bank explanation is the place you can check the majority of your money exchange.
Group Tree (TT) A report demonstrating you and your association in levels. You can see your association through the Special Report Option in Office.
E-Card (EC) Cards worth 30, 100, 120, 500,1000 ,to sign in new clients.
Card Bank (CB) Where every one of your cards detail is sent when you buy E-Cards on the web.
Reward Program (RP) 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd`s 4 diverse compensating Plans.
Sparing Account (SA) A Saving Account is earned as per the Rules and Regulations representing the Reward Program (RP). This voucher is entirely for reclamation of 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd's items.
Inspiration Step (MS) 7G Motors Pvt-Ltd dependably puts stock in giving extraordinary focal points to organizers and new clients, MS is a piece of that. Any client who present one individual in their Team on either leg, once its adjust on the other leg by him/her or bySeniers finishes.
Group Status (TS) Team Status is endless supply of each of the 60 Centers and receipt of least 4 Products. - $750.0

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