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I'm looking to create a marketing campaign to all Creative Directors, Marketing Managers and Managing Directors of all creative agencies in Manchester (UK) including the following:
Creative Agencies
Marketing Agencies
Advertising Agencies
Design Agencies
Web-design Companies
Video Production Companies
I'd like to obtain the following information for the top 300 companies in the above categories for the Greater Manchester area:
Contact Name
Email Address (personal address only - no info/admin/sales addresses etc)
Postal Address
Company Name
Website URL
Instagram profile (if available)
LinkedIn profile (if available)
Category of Business (as mentioned above)
I'll accept a maximum of two contacts per company. I need a minimum of 300 contacts. Limited companies only (no sole-traders).
I'd like you to source the companies and the contacts and provide in Excel format.
Please quote for the above project if you're interested and include a sample of data from a similar project if you have one. Please also include the expected timescales you need to obtain the data.

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