Professional Film Poster and Artwork for Film Festival and Film Market Presentation

Ends 26 Feb 2018 (in 3 months)

Industry: Entertainment
Design details: FILM POSTER - A2/A3 or Double Crown size - TBD , smaller than One Sheet
Postcards for upcoming project in development
Content on the front/back side and body: Image from the film, credits, title, company logos
Ideas for the visual style: Drama/Crime posters - to be provided
Extra notes: I need a graphic designer with experience in designing artwork and posters for feature films (and also short films) for presentation at a film market or festival.
I am taking my debut feature film (+ a new feature film in development) to EFM in Berlin next month and I need a graphic designer to create a poster and artwork for these two projects. I need something professional but simple and effective, nothing too fancy, but rather simple, effective and to the point that best communicates the idea of the film. The film is a festival oriented drama.
Please ONLY send examples of specific film posters, postcards, DVD/Blu-ray artwork or other relevant artwork that you have created for other short films/feature film/documentary projects. I can provide reference artwork to successful applicants upon request.
I have a small budget for this as I am an independent filmmaker and this is for a nano-budget feature film project that was recently completed. All negotiable. Time frame is a bit tight unfortunately as EFM is approaching fast, I need this done within a week or less. Specifics to be discussed with successful applicants.
I am not looking for a one time job, this will lead to more work in the future, as I am working on a 2nd film at the moment, and if we click, there will be more work your way in the near future.

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