I need a research about crypto trading tools and websites

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For my recent study, I need a compiled information about all the websites, tools and like that allows a user.
The research has two objectives;
1- General information about the trading environment, especially day trading;
a- which exchanges traders mostly using (ie. Binance, Bittrex),
b- total number of traders in the market,
c- total money in USD/BTC being invested for trading in market,
d- ... more data that you can find
2- Information/List of the helpers;
a- which websites (or tools) are there to help them (ie. Coinigy, Coingap, Gunbot) for trading or arbitraging,
b- what are the free/paid capabilities of these (ie. allow user to invest thru the system, if so list of the things that it can do OR it just gives recommendation etc.)
c- do these websites/tools provide advanced trading capabilities (ie. set buy for XXX coin at 100, sell if hits 150 or sell if hits 50, arbitrage between exchanges)
Therefore my motive is not an essay or writing but raw and detailed information about the crypto trading market. - $25.0

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