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Ubiquity Robotics is a Robot startup that has a website at www.ubiquityrobotics.com. We’ve just launched our robots to the market via a crowdfunding campaign. Our initial idea for the business was that we would sell two robot types (named Magni our big robot, and Loki our small robot) to hobbyists using Indiegogo. In the course of the Indiegogo campaign it emerged that selling robots to hobbyists online was not going to be the best way of doing things, instead we need to sell to corporate customers. Further our corporate customers are not interested in our small robot (Loki) so we will not sell it.
The current website is oriented towards getting people in to our Indiegogo campaign, now that our Indiegogo campaign has ended we have a new Mission.
***Redesign our website to enable us to sell our robots effectively to corporate customers.**
Corporate customers need different things to hobbyists - instead of just driving them to online materials they need and expect sales people to call them. When those sales people call its helpful if we know a little about them. Furthermore now that the indiegogo campaign is over we need to eliminate all references to it.
Please prepare a revised website on www.ubiquityrobotics.com/development and then I will review before we make it go live.
1) Remove the link to indiegogo and replace it with a link to a shopify website which is here:
I've opened a shopify account the password is
[Will be shared once we agree a contract]
Its linked to my email
The link should say something like "Buy Magni Now" and should be in ubiquity robotics blue rather than Indiegogo pink.
2) Remove all references to Loki (the smaller robot). Remove all the pictures that have loki and all text that refers to Loki everywhere on all pages and all sub-pages.
3) Get rid of all the annoying popups everywhere on the website.
4) We will remove all the annoying popups but we still have places where we collect email addresses. These should now go to our CRM system. We are using Zoho CRM and I will invite you.
5) There is a link to a referral program. Leave the code on the site for later use, but remove all links, and certainly remove all pop-ups.
6) The Pop up with - Interested in what we are doing? Enter the email, Same fields required?
Again - remove the pop-up. No pop-ups that say "interested in what we are doing" - just let them see the page and then if they enter their email have a pop up that asks them for their application area, name and phone number.
7) The Use USE CASES, pop up Change the pop-up button from - "Yes I want a free guide to building this" to "Tell me more about Magni"
When this pop-up appears ask for their email address like you do now. Then once they've clicked on that then bring up the other pop up that asks for more information.
8 Everywhere that there is a email entry that occurs without a pop up needs to remain - and every time they hit "submit" we are going to ask them about their application and get their phone number. That would be the same here.
9) We need to change the menu across the top so that it has the following items
- Products
- Use cases
- Downloads
- Documentation
- Support Forums
- About
- Contact
10) Products will go to our current "robots" section.
This section will have to show 3 products
1) Magni Silver
2) Magni Bronze
3) Magni Power train
Below each one of these items will be a button "Learn More" the learn more will have to have a new and improved set of pages that we will need to co-develop.
and an additional button that says "Buy now"
The buy now button will go to the shopify website
[Actions 11 to 17 will be shared once we have hired a freelancer - currently these exceed freelancer's 4000 character limit] - $750.0

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