I need coding or database expert to help me navigate and view websites easier

Ends 20 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I am looking for an expert to help me navigate and search websites faster.
I need help with navigating websites. I need loading of data to be quicker and less restricted.
For example I have the same problems when visited websites I would like to research and cannot interpret enough information quickly and this becomes very time consuming and impractical.
In short what I need is a coding expert or database expert to help me access and see web content according to my demands.
I need to have the capabilities to infinite scroll data on website such as jobsites like indeed, total jobs, reed etc. without search limit restrictions per page.
For example on websites like indeed if I type in ''trainee accountant'' in London a list of 3,250 results will come up but I can only view 10 job ads per page which is too slow to READ and understand job market conditions.
Also once the restrictions have been removed and I have a list of job advert/ data for example how can I hover on the links of a job ad for example without clicking it to quickly
My from my research to get the job done quickly this come under the keywords like UX DESIGN, USABILITY, USER EXPERIENCE, SEARCH, ELASTIC SEARCH, LAZY LOADING , INFINITE SCROLLING.

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