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Ends 2 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

I am looking for a sales superman who can connect to "hot" leads that comes to me on a daily basis with the intel I provide and help close sales.
We have all sales materials, prices, portfolio and profile. We just do not have the luxury of time to sell. So we need someone who is a natural sales person, with good understanding of crypto and ico niche, so he can speak the language of the market and help close sales.
We receive as much as 10-30 leads a day, may be more, and that needs speaking and closing. ONLY apply if you can prove your skills from our first contact. If you cannot sell to me, you cannot sell to my leads.
- This is not telemarketing. Most leads in this space chat, not talk on phone until inital discussion is over.
- This is not lead generation. I provide you leads. You can generate on your own, appreciated.
- I am not looking for SEO Expert, Marketers. I am looking for hardcore SALES and Business Development person.
- I am not looking for appoitment setters. I can just go and pitch anyone in chat. I do not need appointments. I need selling and closing. I can help, but I am busy and can only help at start.
We can explore this as a full time or part time position as you find fit, as long as we can close sales, we are good. These are hot leads who WANT what we sell. So needing "1 month" to learn is not acceptable. If you can run with the fast moving industry producing closing from the first week, we are good. It takes few mins to speak to people niche and closing is fast, no waiting period. Even you can produce result on the very first day with these leads by getting them interested.
We will set fair expectations on both sides. But we need people who are confident and who can learn and be available and make things happen.
Start your proposal by copypastiong: "I am a sales super*man" to indicate you have read this fully.

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