Build a marketplace that functions like Airtasker

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Hello web developers,
I need a website that has all the functions of Airtasker ( It is basically a marketplace that enables users to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task that they need done, indicate a budget and then users bid to complete the task. This project needs to have all the features that Airtasker has plus some additional.
The process of the functions
The process begins when a user posts a job they need completed, setting a suggested payment as well as any details needed to make a decision. Other users can post their interest in completing the task along with their own suggestion on the payment amount. The user who posted the task can make a decision on whom to award the task based on the applicant's profile, task history and ratings. Once this decision is made, the platform allows private communication (and, later on, payment to be made between the parties). It is free for users and applicants to join the platform (however at a later stage, once a task is successfully completed and paid, there is about 10% commission charged to the applicant per completed task.)
Some of the features:
- Bring people with a specific task to users that can complete them.
- Two step registration form
- Three step task post form
- Email / Mobile Number Verification
- Facebook connection
- Reviews
- Messaging
- Notification
- Billing and Online payments and a % commission (to be introduced)
I will work closely and be ready to discuss and answer any question with you to meet all the requirements on the marketplace. I will go into details after I have awarded a project to a developer.
Since I am a designer I have designed a very big portion of the website that I will supply as well. But I have designed only the front end. If there is need for me to design the back end I am happy to do so but I am going to need some direction on that. The back end also needs to have analytics and reports for users insights and etc.
The end product is going to be in Greek language, but the initial setup is going be in English. I will translate the entire website and provide the translation tables (English to Greek).
I am attaching 6 images as a reference.
I am most comfortable with WordPress but if you think that the website needs to be setup on a different CMS I am open for discussion.
Quality and delivery time are both important, however I would like a smart solution cost wise. I’m not interested in over the top stuff for now. Simple and functional. I am guessing that we can have the final Beta product within 30 days.
Thank you for your time and keen to receive your quotes.
- €750.0

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