I need a Linux expert to help me with configuring for a temporary server solution

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Hi, I am no expert but below is a scope of the works I hope are possible by some Linux expert out there.
The goal is to quickly deploy a linux virtual server that contains a pre setup configuration, Wordpress installation and some
files & WP plugins.
The reason behind it is to allow rapid deployment (and potentially shutdown) of microsites designed specifically for livecasting events of a temporary nature.
I want someone to create a "installation package" if there is such a thing? It would be deployed on a system something like www.linode.com or www.atlantic.net/cloud-hosting/pricing/ (any recommendations appreciated).
My goals:
1. That I can (with clear instructions from yourself) to be able to spin up a virtual server for a few hours and "install" upload/load whatever the "package"
2. the package will contain:
Security and other configurations beneficial to short but secure & stable operation of the server
Installation of any linux stuff that will help run wordpress AND in particular the ability to support FFMPEG
a pre setup wordpress install and plugins
3. I can change (reasonably easily.. again step by step instructions here needed) the domain / URL's to get the server up and running as quickly as possible.
I am not sure what the best course to make this happen would be. I think for me a three step process. 1. you setup the server and configure it. 2. I go in and customise the site, add plugins etc to make it all work. 3. you "package" everything and we close it all down then try and re-create it all quickly on a new server.. from there hopefully I can rise and repeat as necessary.

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