Need someone to quickly look over site for spam and virus

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Got a old client of mine having troubles with her site. Info "My Personal & Business Instagram page suddenly disallows me to link my website. I am notified that it is an unsafe link. When I try to access it here at home, I continually get spam pop-ups instead of directing me to my site. Also, one of my PC's has a virus which keeps telling me to contact micro-soft support - I am currently trying to restore it. Would you be able to take a look at my website to see if I am missing something for security etc? Also, I have never done any updates for the plugins or Wordpress - are those necessary?" So yeah, if you can quickly take a look and have reasonable pricing shoot me a pm. This client is more of a friend of mine so please don't PM you're a $100 hour web dev,do not want to charge a ton to this client. submitted by /u/15bakes [link] [comments]

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