Need a custom RTMP LiveStreaming Plugin Created for my Video site

For $750 — Ends 25 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

here is my unlaunched site -->
login: username: freelancer
password: freelancer
due to waiting on funds to clear I wont be awarding this project until Feb 28th. I use this theme on multiple sites, so I need a custom plugin created I can just install on each site and get going.
we might use video whisper or suggested one by freelancer
we will be switching out current payer on website with:
in the user menu, it will add a link that says "Go Live", there user will create video info using "form" for immediately or future time. After video is finish it will save,convert to mp4, post to user channel on site.
so in total its a only a few pages needed. go live form, edit live stream form page, "Go Live" link added to menu.
and admin setting for live stream which includes, list of all current live streams, previous live streams, name of users, a ban/pause option, an unban/pause option
also.... a place for domain name entry.. and key code.. so pugin canonly be used on websites of my clients and they cant use it if they are not a client, a way to create random keys for each domain
ive had this plugin created before unfortunately my freelancer passed away, so i know how much this should cost to complete.
- $750.0

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