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We are planning to launch services for newly-married and newlyweds, I would like to ask for the construction of a web site as the foundation and ongoing support.
Expected effect:
I want to raise awareness of products and services
I want to acquire new leads by increasing inquiries
I want to correspond to a smartphone
Supplementary explanation
The reference site is a fairly complicated format, but with regard to what we produce this time,
TOP page design, the list page of information for married parties and the detailed information page template, the list page of information for newlyweds and the template of the detailed information page and the creation of the member registration edit page are mainly.
For members,
We are assuming the use of member images that can be displayed on smartphones.
We plan to use WordPress, registration of information etc. will be done here.
Also, we will introduce WordPress and plugins that we plan to use,
We will make it on the server which set up the domain etc. as well.
For the overall site configuration, please check the attached file.
We are also considering using the following themes.
However, since membership function is necessary, I think that it is necessary to some extent renovation.
If you find it difficult to introduce this theme, you do not have to use it.
Thank you. - $1500.0

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