Custom Development in WordPress

Ends 19 Mar 2018 (in 3 months)

1) Sponsored Post needs:
Our site publishes Sponsored Posts. Some of it is content we create. Some of it is content that is provided to us. All Sponsored Posts are categorized and labelled "Sponsored," but on the homepage, Sponsored Posts should have a hairline around them. See the example below.
Is this something that can appear automatically when we categorize or tag a story as a Sponsored Post? Would there be any limit on how many of them we could have?
2) "Giving Button" needs:
One of our content partners is: See the top of their site -- the ribbon up top that reads "Do You Value Independent Arts Journalism & Would You Like to Help Us Produce More? Find Out More"? It leads to a support page:
We want something like it: ribbon on top, in a different color, with language we supply. And a "Find Out More"-type button that takes the reader to a support page.

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