Expert urgently needed for wordpress Freelanceengine theme to do backend work

For $100 — Ends 15 Jul 2018 (in 8 days)

This project requires an excellent knowledge of Wordpress Freelanceengine theme, The task is not frondend but a backend tasks so only coding experts will need to apple for this job.
We need the following tasks:
**** Fees for Featured project and Bids to be add in My Balance -> Total , Current Consumption
**** Extend free project only as Featured. For example basic is for (000) days if they upgrade the next day it will not give them (000) + (upgrade) days it will give them (upgrade) days from the time they will upgrade
**** Search filters update
****Editing Project is not updated with newest way of skills and other pages that display skills like Profile, homepage, Project list and etc
**** Email and bell notification when less than 1 day is left to the end of the Project
These are all the tasks I am looking for someone who has already worked on freelancetheme by engine themes or else someone who created wordpress themes and knows the wordprerss syntax inside out.
The work must be done as soon as possible at the weekend and must be finished before Monday. If you cannot do that please do NOT apply for the job. - $100.0

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