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Hello there,
I would like to optimize our website kitchefs.com on pc and smart devices.
We a few requirment and some functions to be built.
1- we would like to install arabic langauagne as the theme support rtl
2- email template
3- smartdevice theme style does not show menue.
4- we have multiple vendors with the same single product each vendor has its own warranty and maintenance location that customer should be aware of. The website should only display the lowest price product from all the suppliers who offer the same product without showing the list of other suppliers. However, the product should the vendor name. So if we have 3 suppliers who offer the same exact product but with different prices like supplier A offers product x for $10 and supplier B offers product x for $13 and supplier C offers product C for $20, we want the price and the vendor A's info shown for the product x. So when the client purchases product x the shipment info goes to supplier A so he can dispatch the item and process the shipment.
This website : webstaurantstore.com is what we are looking for exactly and here is their comment on how they deal with their products:
Generic / Unbranded Items
On our site, some of our lowest priced items are listed as generic. In other words, we do not have a specific vendor name associated with the product. The product is sourced from a variety of vendors according to price and availability so we may both quickly and fairly accommodate your needs. We do our best in updating our site with any changes in the products and there may be instances where there is a slight variance in the look and feel of the product due to a change in vendors. However, the intended application of the product will remain the same. If you find that this is not the case, please contact our Customer Solutions team immediately and we will look into the issue for you!
5- coustmers should be able to request refund, and returns through his account page where that page should only show his purchased items that he can request the service on like its here ekuep.com
6- edit footer.
7- page link track for each product eg: home>Shop> refrigerators> abcdefg
How long will it take and what is the total price.

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