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Specification for London Anaesthetic Group website
We are a group of anaesthetists working in London. We require a basic website as described below.
We require a basic but professional website with good search engine optimisation. Whatever part of the website you are on, the contact phone number, email and online booking request must be available. At the end of the document will be the optional features we are currently undecided about.
Design and maintenance of website to feature
Tabs at the top - our anaesthetists, book us, for patients, our fees, contact us
Classic medical blue and white cloud scheme
A professional looking homepage that states who we are. This will be a statement like “London Anaesthetic Group provides exemplary anaesthetic services to a wide variety of london hospitals. We cover all specialities and look forward to working with you and your patients. Our anaesthetists are based throughout London and all currently work as substantive NHS consultants”
A catalogue of images that are on rotation will help make the homepage seem less static
As a group we offer the following anaesthetic services
Medical specialities
General surgery
Ear, nose and throat
Our anaesthetists
This should feature a photo gallery as a grid with photo, name and year of graduation. Clicking on the name will take you to a page which will feature the same image as before and a biography of the individual clinician. Each individual clinician will also provide up to three locations (private hospitals) from which they practice. Each individual anaesthetist will provide information about their fees.
The photos should be arranged in order of year of graduation. We will provide a bio and photo for each clinician.
There will also be a space for our secretary. She will also provide a photo and a bio
If you require a member of the London Anaesthetic Group you can either email us, call us or complete the online booking form (the online booking form are the messages I would like to feature on our whatsapp group). The online booking form will ask for the following information.
Date of surgery
Time required
Op Codes
Other Relevant info
Contact phone
Contact email
For patients
If you have any particular concerns about your anaesthetic please do not hesitate to contact our secretary Mary who will pass this onto your consultant anaesthetist. For all our patients, we recommend the series of leaflets produced by the Royal College of Anaesthetists focusing on general information and anaesthetic risks.
General information:
Risks associated with anaesthesia:
Our anaesthetists set different fees and with some practicing within fee assured structures and some practicing outside. If the anaesthetic are in excess of the insurance schedule benefit maxima, you will be liable for the difference between the two.
Fixed price surgical packages may or may not include the anaesthetic fee. Please contact the surgical team for clarification. If the fixed price package does not include the anaesthetic fee, we will supply a fee upon request.
If you are a cash paying patient and require a fee, please contact our secretary and we will supply one.
Fees are payable within 30 days. We accept bank transfers, cheques and card payments??
Points for discussion
We would like the website to also be in arabic. How much would this cost?
We would like search engine optimisation for key terms such as london, anaesthetic, harley street, the names of private hospitals we work in.

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