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I own a small medical waste/ biohazard disposal company in San Diego County, I am looking for someone to do a deep internet data search by going to the state website, and doing a search for companies that have registered to produce the type of waste that we currently dispose of. I would like for the search to involve looking up each company (this may be easily done in bulk searches) that exists in San Diego County (also a filter option). Then click on the "EPA ID Number" that is also a link to their specific EPA ID PROFILE. That document contains most of the information that I would like databased into a google sheets spreadsheet.
I would like for the gathered data to be entered into google sheets or excel spreadsheet. I would like for the heading to be as follows
Location Name:
Location Website:
Location Email:
Location Address:
Location City:
Location State: CA
Location Zip:
Location Phone:
Owner First Name:
Owner Last Name:
Owner Email:
Owner Address:
Owner City:
Owner State: CA
Owner Zip:
Owner Phone:
Operator/Contact First Name:
Operator/Contact Last Name:
Operator/Contact Email:
Operator/Contact Address:
Operator/Contact City:
Operator/Contact State: CA
Operator/Contact Zip:
Operator/Contact Phone:
In addition to the information that is provided as a public record in this described task, I would like any additional information that may be found by doing an internet search on the company/facility. Mostly additional contact people, additional email addresses and company websites.
I assume that there should be about 3000 total facilities to enter data on.
Thank you in advance,
- $750.0

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