Android Tablet Note Taking Application Needed

For $750 — Ends 5 Jul 2018

I use a Microsoft Surface Pro. No application exists to do exactly what we need it to do. There are a couple good examples on tablets and iPads, but those fall short as well. This will only need a simple 2 page UI.
- Allow for note taking (scribing) on a notepad type application by use of a Surface Pro pen or finger
- Default to a thin inked pin, black ink, and lined paper
- Allow for different ink colors, ink thickness, and papers to select from
- Have an eraser feature as well as clear feature (clear confirms before clearing page)
- Button for highlighter use. Clicking activates a yellow highlighter for use on the page, clicking it again deactivates and defaults back to the scribe setting
- Have an undo option, and redo option
- Zooming capability (but not with pinching fingers on screen)
- Shortcut button for sending and printing “SEND” ... choosing this button results in a confirmation pop-up. Upon selecting YES, an email is instantly sent to the default email address(s) with a subject as the name of the notebook and a JPG of the notebook page embedded in the email. This button also instantly prints (using google cloud print) the notebook page to a default printer that is determined in OPTIONS. No additional dialogue boxes should pop up after the confirmation popup and these things should execute in the background. If they do not occur, an error message should be returned notifying the user. If there is no wifi service at that time, an option to resend as soon as a connection is available should be given to the user. If YES is selected, automatically do this when service is restored.
- A help icon the user can select. When this icon is selected, a screen pops up with text on it. The text and information is user-customized from the front, opening screen.
- A footer to be placed on every page (seen at the very bottom of the page while writing on it). The footer should contain four fields, Name of scribe, Name of Surveyor, Name of Escort, and Location. Allow editing of these fields easily simply by tapping one of them and a pop-up for editing occurs (but not by having the pen drag over them while writing). After any of these fields are changed by the user, ask to send an update, if yes, send a simple update email to the default email(s) and printer of what it said prior to the change, and now after the change.
- A NEEDS icon stamp (A hand icon type picture): when clicked it shows as selected and ready for placement on the notebook page next to something the scribe needs (clicking the icon again cancels the placement). After placement, the pen defaults back to normal.
- A FINDING icon (maybe similar to an error icon): with the same functionality as the NEEDS icon
- An IMPORTANT icon (some kind of star): with the same functionality as the NEEDS icon
- Allow hand/wrist drag without marking on the page
- Allow the addition of new pages to the notebook (lower right icon... also showing what page out of how many they are one). When the new page is added, check to see if the prior page has been printed/sent. If it has not, ask if this is wanted.
- No preference really. Functionality and speed is the focus.
- The opening screen of the application should be one that has a list of all notebooks that have been created (to view and edit) as well as create a new notebook (allow naming of notebooks, documented time of last edit, cover page color/design change, sending of notebook contents, printing, delete, saving, exporting to a file format (PDF))
- Allow HELP text to be set and customized on the front page
- Inside a notebook, functionality also matters the most. The Pencilicious app is a good example of smooth UI however, if code already exists for UI and needed functions, we can use that or modify it slightly.
I have included a mock-up of each page in the app. This should be a fairly easy app to make. It will not be posted to the google play store and will be used internally through APK installs. - €750.0

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