Python Script to Monitor Database Tables

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I need a Python script that will connect to 2 or 3 databases to do the following:
Task 1
Connect to Database 1 (localhost) where a list of tables is saved in a table. The table contains the name of tables in other database (database 2) and the name of the column that holds the date of the data entry in this corresponding table in DB2. Example:
table_name date_column
tabe1 created_ts
table2 created_ts
The python script should connect to this DB2 and for each table group data by date_column for previous and current date, count number of entries and send email if there is no data for current date or for previous date.
Task 2
The python script connects to the localhost db where a table holds names of tables in 2 other databases, such as DB1 and DB2. For each table, the script should count records for days prior to today and if it is not an identical match, the script should send a notification/email.
Python script should be written in the best practice of python code with modularity, configuration file that holds all of the user defined variable, logging and error notification.
Your application should include a cost estimate please. - €750.0

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