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first thing is the user interface , homepage with ABOUT US , HOW IT WORKS , REGISTRATION, LOGIN
Registration page : PERSONAL DETAILS - Full names, Username, email , contact number , country ,
PAYMENT DETAILS - Bank Name , Account Holder , Account Number , Branch Code , Bitcoin Wallet
Create Password - confirm password ...
THAN LOGIN PAGE : Members can login with with either username/email and their created password, when members register receive confirmation email with their login details
Dashboard - where users will have to big button GIVE HELP AND GET HELP , they can use these 2 buttons , GIVE HELP to create and order and specify amount and period ... GET HELP they use it to click and withdraw their matured amounts
on Dashboard that where they will also see orders they have been allocated to pay , when they click on details per order they can than see the user details including bank details of user they have to pay.
Stil on User interface , on Dashboard the MENU will be : Dashboard (home) ,
profile - where users can click to view their personal details
Account - where users can click to view nd edit their payment details which will be banks and bitcoin
Efund - where users can click to view their available amounts to withdraw
Growth - where users can click to view the growth of their created amounts , growth will be upto 60% per month on daily option , and on fixed month options, monthly growth will be upto 90%
Network - where users can click to view their downline structure and their referal link to refer others
Support : where users can click to communicate with admins
USERS When they create an give help , their amount will start increasing sameday on the system even before they have made payment , increase or gowth start from give help creation date
the will be different types of give help , user click give help , write amount and than select give help type , on give help type we have , DAILY , this one allow users to withdraw profit only anytime for 12 months once the user has paid their created amount to another user.
Than we also have FIXED MONTHS , which start from 2 months , 3 months and 4 months , if user selected this option on give help they will only be able to withdraw their profit and initial at the date of maturity or end of period selected
User 1 registers , receive email with login details as created by user , login to dashboard , click on give help , their amount start growing at compound interest
user 1 get merged wit user 2 to pay , user 1 receives email that has been merged to pay user 2 or more users , login to check details of recipient to pay
user 1 login , see the orders in dashboard as seen on attached screenshot , orders also show a countdown time user 1 has left to make payment , user 1 click on view details as per order block , than see the payment details per user to pay , user 1 pay and upload proof of payment to each paid user , user 2 or more receive payments than click pn Confirm to approve payment from user 1 , if user 1 failed to make payment ontime leads to being blocked and user to is remerged with another user on que to make payment
user 1 paid successfully , if chosen daily term , user 1 will now have available funds to withdraw which are profit only and profit is accumulated daily , if user 1 selected period from 2 months .. than user 1 will wait for maturity of his or her order
I believe these details have given clarity , MEMBERS PAY EACH OTHER , THEIR IS NO CENTRAL ACCOUNTS OR CENTRAL PAYMENT , see some attached screenshots of dashboard interface with menu and some with merged orders - R10500.0

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