Create a React app to send emails via Gmail from your phone

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We are nonprofit that operates in Cuba. We have an app that send and receive information via email, so if you want to chat a person, it sends an email to our server and the server sends an email to the person. Read more at
People in Cuba they don't use gmail, the government offers an email server and that is what the majority uses. We were sending emails via amazon SES, but lately, the Cuban government started blocking our emails based on a specific header sent my SES, and there is no change we can avoid sending that header, so we are screwed
So we have thousands of volunteers in the US, and they offered to donate their gmail account to send few emails a day from each so we can keep the service alive. The app that you will be building, has to receive a petition containing email, subject, text and one attachment via push request, and send an email using the volunteers's account
We provide a mockup, you will see is a simple screen with our logo, a short message, the list of Gmail accounts you had added (with an option to remove each) and a button to add a new Gmail account. That's it, no further graphical interface.
Once a user adds a new account, you should connect with our REST API to activate the account in our back-end, and when we need to send an email, you receive a push notification with email, subject, text and attachment, and the app should send the email from the user's account and add one to the counter of emails sent, so the user knows how many emails were sent from each of his accounts.
It should be a very simple app, and we are a non-profit, so our budget is limited. For this reason, we would prefer React Native or any other technology that can be coded once and compiled to Android/IOS over building two native apps. I hear options here.
Please do not hesitate to reach if you have any questions. I know we offer a very unique service and it is natural that you may have many questions. - $750.0

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