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Hi there, I am a Tv/radio presenter and I wish for a small presentation to be made on who I am , and my show which is Heels, Hormones and Heartbreak.
I have an edited format to follow, but will require that my videos are edited in a fun, dynamic but informative way.
Informative that shows emotions, and sensitive sides to people's situations, Fun - images and the show's radio audio that portrays laughter and truth, and also the music that i wished to be played. I wish for this project to be completed in the next week, and will require both email and video exchanges to be at least every other day. I have a soundtrack that i also wish to be included, but welcome any suggestions from professionals.
The sketch should be no more than 5 minute.
Below is a little bit more about the movement, Please read it so you get a better understanding of what is required in the 5 minute presentation.
Heels, Hormones and Heartbreak.
This is a movement which seeks to look at what foundations people put down in their lives, in order to excel and when challenges are met, how they revert back to their foundations in order to be a VICTOR and not a VICTIM of the situation. E.g Religion, relationships, Money…
The show focuses on three concepts in order for one to know how powerful they are, and how necessary their existence is in the world. These are the Truth, Acceptance and Love. Three points of your life journey that you must reflect on, from your childhood to now.
Heels, hormones and Heartbreak is a personal journey, which is not to be rushed, but patiently addressed by you; and through your individual uniqueness you will find, that you are and have always been more than a conqueror. Once acknowledged, you will see that we are all united through our diversity, we belong to one another and understanding each other’s differences instead of judging them, is how we will grow.
Follow Heels, hormones and Heartbreak where we grow together, learn together and Love together. Now say I love you unconditionally whilst looking in the mirror x x x

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