Need someone to build a UPS shipping reselling website

For $750 — Ends 27 Feb 2018 (in 6 months)

If you read and post a relevant bid the chance of me hiring you is much higher. API docs are attached.
Thank you
A website where customers can enter their shipping details, checkout with stripe, and receive a shipping label to ship their package. I am reseller shipping service for UPS
Front end design will be done and coded by someone else. You must program front end and back end from scratch.
For this project you will be ising The Stripe API and UPS API. UPS API doc is attached.
This is the flow:
1) Customer can check sample price of shipping on homepage by entering the following information
Shipping Postal code from and to, Dimensions of package, and weight
If Postal code is 5 digits country is automatically United States. If its 6 digits it is automatically Canada
Info will get sent to UPS api and disocunt pricing info will come back. I want customer to see original pricing and discount pricing.
This information will not be saved to DB.
2) If Customer decides to order he/she will click ship now from home page which will forward them to shipping page
In this page shipping information is recorded
Fields for shipping from:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Fields for shipping to:
Postal/Zip Code:
Country: (automatic if 5 digits United states, 6 digits Canada)
Select if residential or business
Customer will then enter the LxWxH of package (inch or cm) then weight (lb or KG)
Competitor example:
This information will get save to the database and then sent to the UPS API
UPS API Will come back pack with discount pricing I want customer to be able to see discount price and original price.
Then customer will checkout with stripe. Once stripe confirms checkout is complete by API information get sent to UPS API and a shipping label is produced. This
label will be sent by email to the customer and also displayed on the website for them to Print. Also if the order is international (Canada to the US) the customer
will be required to enter more details for customs:
This is how the customs invoice will look like
All the information is prefilled from previously entered infromation except the following
Item Description, ORIGIN, Quantity, Unit Price, Total
This info will be saved to the DB and emailed to the customer as well.
I need to be able to see previous customers order through backend with unique ID number which will be provided to each customer or by search their name.
Thank you. - $750.0

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