Asterisk web interface for usb dongle

For $750 — Ends 26 Jul 2018

I want to setup an gsm voip gateway GUI using asterisk+a2b+chan dongle, use huawei e173u-1 and e153u-1.
I already have a running server, but i want to setup a new server with the following features in a GUI:
1-sim card suspension detection based consecutive unsuccessful number of calls and discard(dongle stop now) the suspended ones as well as not working ones (ou of credit). and find them in a page.
2-show dongle sim number
3-show credit and auto tupup when out of credit or below a limit.
4- show hub number the usb dongle is connected to, to keep track of it.
5-ability to send ussd code on a selected number ( click dongle and have options to send ussd and sms, and read sms inbox)
6- ability to remove dongle in gui or stop it ( remove now or stop now )
7- ussd code should send next code based on “event” of response not a number of seconds, if it is not succesfull restart dongle and send code again.
8- HumanBehaviour Simulaiton : random sms, and calls between dongles.
9- set a call timout to avoid voicemail and its charges, also those timed out calls should be considered as not completed, not answered with 00:00 duration which affects acd ( i have this problem).
10-just click beside the dongle active call to spy on it(quality control) ( i have it done just need it in GUi)
11-set dongle call duration limit and time swap.
12- CDR stats by dongle: duration, Acd, ASR...
13-sms read ( ability te decode the non readable sms in CLI)
14- dashboard of live stats (active calls, acd, asr, calling dongles.. sell number...)
15-show antenna mast (BTS) ID the dongle is connected to.
16-automated calls to ivr server (ex: call 560 and enter consecutive 1,1,1,1 for Ex for a dermined number of times)
17- call count by minutes and seconds, and estimation of real credit remaining. ( for gsm operators billing by minute not by seconds and also for non supporting ussd or sms, also the ussd and sms credit is not always working)
18- random rotation of calls to minimise blocking sim cards.
19- database to store dongle imei and imsi of simcards an relationship between them.
20-auto remove non present dongles.
21- database to for inventory management (purchased sim cards, prepaid recharge cards)
23- hide/show numbers
22- Module to change IMei number of dongles - $750.0

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