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Hi Im looking for a REMOTE react/next.js developer to make a barebone project with 3 modules in a specific way. Just require the barebone setup for the project. Details are: NEXT.JS setup with REDUX and other dev dependencies such as webpack, sass, normalize, routes, helmet, babel, page loading bar, seo friendly, etc etc 3 Separate modules that work together for a multi-page website. No styling necessary, but want the styling to be fetched from the folder of the separate modules themselves and combined into one file when building the project. Module 01 This module will fetch data from a outside source api/database (graphql - Apollo/ButterCMS/Cosmicjs) and randomize the items (if they have a specific field value in the external api/database) onto the home page. If the user clicks on any of the items they get sent to their subpages with the other information gotten from the api/database. Module 02 This module with fetch data from an external api/database, into a subpage where you can filter the data with a search bar and a filter drop down select. You need to be able to check the different items and then click on a button to be able to compare the ones you have checked and view their information on a different subpage or a modal overlay, but also be able to go back and deselect the items and select new ones. If you click on a item name you go to its own subpage with more information and you can also click on a select button there to add it to the compare collection. (redux) Module 03 This one will be a 4 part questionnaire form. Users will fill out some information, in 2 parts, based on their answers they will get a list of items that match their wants, they can then select the items they like and get to the last part where they will enter their contact information before sending the information to an email and as well the data they entered to be stored in a external database. I would also like the form to remember the content if a user quits mid way and comes back a couple of hours or a day or two later. Then just a about page, a contact page, and a home page. These pages dont need any content other than "hello this is **** page" but you should be transitioning between them fluidly and the transition should fade out and fade in with a loading bar on the top of the page. Looking for a developer that can start right away, and get it done within a day or two. PM me if you are interested and your time-frame and cost. Thank you. submitted by /u/TotalTSB [link] [comments]

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